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4 Advanced Excel Tips That Can Save Your Time

Honestly who hasn’t spent hours on excel sheets? It’s boring, and there are definitely better things out there that you would rather do! Actually, it’s an integral part of most jobs, so it is not that easy to avoid excels. Every employee should have at least a simple understanding of excel. Companies such as AdvantEdge Training and many more are available to take excel courses, for either beginners needing to learn the ropes, or employees wanting to expand their excel skills further. So, you’ve got your basic training, so now, the only solution here is to find some cool tips that will get the work done without wasting much of your time. You probably think if any of these tricks actually work? Well, each one of these methods has been used by the professionals and is highly recommended by them so that you can save some time and do something more productive instead.

Selecting Texts Faster

Many people would agree that the most daunting and boring job is deleting multiple items one by one. This is where F4 comes in to rescue you! It is meant for repeating processes and can be used for various processes like deleting a large amount of data and changing fonts. Everyone yearns to give a professional look to their excel sheets but isn’t it a bit too time-consuming? Well, here’s another trick! It is not uncommon for people to add charts to their spreadsheets in order to view the relevant dates. However, this gives the entire sheet a much more amateurish look and feel.

Be A Professional

Those who are aiming for a professional look, after adding a chart to the spreadsheet must align the charts to the spreadsheet cells. But this can be immensely time-consuming which is why a better way to do this is by using the Alt key. Just holding the key whilst you are adjusting the chart’s size will definitely do the trick and will make sure that it automatically fits the nearest cells. If you have been using excel for a while, you probably know by now that if there is a formula written in any cell, dragging its corner will give you a copy of the formula in the other corresponding cells. For instance, you can browse Excel Semi Pro in order to brush up your Excel skills.

Using Formulas In Excel

The only issue with this formula is that it contains the cell references too! A smart way of avoiding this is to type the formula in a cell and then select the cell below it and keep pressing Ctrl and the ‘ key. There are maybe other ways of giving a spreadsheet a professional look. One of such ways is by adding the system date and time so that things can be tracked accordingly. You can just keep pressing Ctrl and the ; key and you will be able to incorporate the system date into the spreadsheet. In case of adding the system time, you need to press and hold Ctrl, Shift and the ; key.

Now Editing The Cells

No matter how big or small your spreadsheet is, editing can give you a headache! To click on every cell and edit them can take hours. So a better way to edit your spreadsheet cells is to use F2. This key will speed up the process and will make sure you have more time for editing and spend lesser time in selecting the cells. But for this to work, you need to select the cells through the arrow keys present on your keyboard.

Well, these were the four tricks that are followed by most experts for using excel much more efficiently. Now that you know it hopefully next time you will spend more time on data than on selection and other petty processes, and that can be completed with just a few clicks!