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5 Great eReader Applications for Windows

The rise of convertibles and tablets running Windows has made reading ePubs on the “desktop” platform easier than ever. Modern laptops and tablets are so thin now and have displays that mimic eReader technology such as night mode. This negates the need to splurge on a dedicated device simply to read your favorite eBooks.

Windows devices are, of course, a lot more versatile and allow you to read more than just plain-text books, including comics, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and stories posted on forums – see Reddit’s WritingPrompts. Even if you have a standard laptop or desktop running Windows, you can of course still enjoy reading anything that’s on the web. The one thing that you should take care of is your eye health. Continous staring at the screen can strain your eyes. So, consider getting a pair of reading glasses from https://felixgray.com/pages/readers-glasses (or a manufacturer of your choice) to avoid digital eye strain.

Nonetheless, here are five eReader applications that get the job done.

Digital Editions

If you’re wondering who makes this software, well, its Adobe, because who else would it be? It’s as if this software giant has nothing better to do than make superior versions of every type of software there is out there, and Digital Editions is no exception.

The neat and simple user interface hides a lot of functionality and power. This includes support for EPUB 3, a format that enhances the user’s reading experience by providing features such as lossless resizing, improved rendering and interactive elements.


Years of service has resulted in this ePub reader becoming a great solution for both newcomers and veteran ePub readers alike. Noteworthy features include direct file downloads, a metadata customization tool, tagging, file conversion and the ability to send files between devices.

Calibre also supports comics and magazines on top of standard books. Get started with a PC Advisor Magazine Subscription to see just what Calibre is capable of.


If you can’t stand walls of text, or are just a big comic book fan, Cover has you… covered. The modern, Windows 10-esque UI will fit right in alongside your other Windows apps and has comprehensive support for all types of comic books. If you still read the occasional ePub, Cover will support it as well, making it a great all-in-one solution. The best part is that it’s free to download.


Unlike the above-mentioned apps, Kobo features its own sizeable store of eBooks, over 5 million of them, no less. It does support importing your own ePub or ePub 3 format books as well if that’s your thing. Features such as progress indicators, dark themes, search and bookmarks come standard as expected. The UI is also well crafted and super modern.


Created by international bookseller conglomerate Barnes and Nobles, Nook features exactly what you’d expect from an ePub reader, along with their own library of eBooks. Standard customization features such as fonts, themes and line spacing come as standard. Signing up gets you a two-week free trial with unlimited access to everything Nook has to offer.

Regardless of which app you opt for, you’re set to have unlimited and often cost-free access to more books than you’ll ever be able to finish. Which ePub reader is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.