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5 Reasons Why Publishing Content Regularly on Your Blog is Vital

No matter what the purpose of your blog is, the one thing you can always be sure of is that you just can’t leave it sitting there stagnant. The truth is, few blogs are just there for the purpose of writing about things you are passionate about. Blogging is a way to earn an income and that means you need to keep traffic coming to your site. This takes effort. Publishing content regularly is how you are going to accomplish this. If you are wondering why regular content is so important, here are five reasons which should explain it all.

1. Keep the Google Crawlers Happy

While you may not necessarily gain rank by adding fresh content regularly, you sure will attract the attention of the web crawlers. Google especially likes new content and that will help with indexing your site. However, if you regularly publish well-written content with fresh ideas, that will almost certainly gain you rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

2. Fresh Information for Your Audience

As we go along through these five reasons to publish content regularly, you will see that much of it has to do with keeping Google happy. For example, say your passion is the automotive industry. As new car or truck models are launched or new innovations in the industry are incorporated into automobile manufacturing, a site like blacksmokemedia.com will provide their readers with all the latest information, good or bad. Google loves informative content and will give you brownie points for giving visitors something of value.

3. Makes You the Voice of Authority

Another thing to be aware of is that the more informative content you add regularly, the greater your chances are of becoming a site of authority. Once again, it all boils down to what Google thinks of your content. This is a key component of Google’s algorithms, so the more informative your content, the greater authority you are granted in the SERPs as well as with visitors to your site.

4. Greater Number of Keywords

It may start to sound like Google can make or break you, but in truth, Google really can be the difference between whether anyone finds your blog or not. When you add keywords to each new article you post, Google’s crawlers are then able to index them. The more keywords you have on your site, the greater your chances are going to be of capturing an audience searching for those terms. It’s both a numbers game and a large part of what the crawlers look for – competitive keywords. And if you are inclined to do affiliate marketing for people, it would be prudent to learn more about how to produce quality backlinks (for more information, try these out) for your clients. This way you can earn a substantial amount of money and produce good content for your site!

5. A Greater Chance of Social Media Shares

Finally, social media is thought to be the next best thing in online marketing. The more content you add to your blog, the greater your chances are of publishing something people just want to share on their social pages. This instantaneously helps make you visible to an exponentially larger audience who are likely to click through to your site to see what your company is all about.

Never lose sight of the fact that content is king. It has always been king, is the reigning king now, and always be the online marketing monarch. If you want to make money from your blog, keep that content rolling in. Keep it informative, keep it engaging, and keep it regular. That’s the key to success.