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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use a Managed Firewall Service

For your personal devices, basic firewall software is adequate, but for your business? Not so much. Even smaller businesses can benefit hugely from a Next-Generation Firewall, from a site similar to https://www.fortinet.com/products/next-generation-firewall or through using a managed firewall service.

Here are just five key benefits that come with adopting the best managed firewall service that you can find.

  1. Access to the Latest Updates

No firewall remains secure indefinitely. Cyber criminals are always coming up with new ways to bypass them or hack through, so the software developers need to keep releasing patches to address new security threats. A managed firewall will have updates applied automatically, providing protection against threats as they develop.

  1. Improved Internal Security

People tend to think only of external security threats, which makes sense since these are usually more serious than internal threats. However, internal threats do exist. Employees can mistakenly leave you open to security breaches, which is why you need a managed firewall service to be configured around your applications.

  1. Increased Productivity

Managing your own firewall can be a real drain. You’ll need to keep checking for updates and reviewing firewall data to check for potential issues. If you’re not an IT whiz, that can take plenty of time, and you might make mistakes that come with serious consequences. Better to let IT professionals like the team at Treasure Valley (you can view their homepage here) run a managed firewall so you can devote your time to those tasks at which you excel.

  1. Fast Response Times

Managed IT services provide 24/7 monitoring. That’s especially important when dealing with a firewall because the firewall is your first line of defence against most cyber attacks. If anything goes wrong, you need someone to spot the problem as soon as possible and then start working against it on the double.

  1. Zero Licensing Issues

One of the more irksome issues you’ll face with a traditional firewall is having to renew the license. Forgetting to renew could leave you unprotected, and you might be caught out by significant rises in the year-to-year cost of your firewall. When you opt for a managed firewall, your costs will be fixed from month to month, and any licensing responsibilities will be handled by your IT service provider.