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5 Tech-Focused Games to Play This Coming Christmas

Although we are just now approaching autumn, the fact of the matter is the Christmas season is always upon us sooner than we think. There are many consumers who are already keeping a keen eye out for some of the most sought-after gadgets of 2017. Why not appreciate what is available well in advance?

Technology is playing an increasingly important role within the gaming sector and this year should serve to solidify this point. What are five tech-focused games to keep in mind and what does each have in store?


 We can think of BeetMoovz as a physical means to create music. This system seems to have taken a few ideas from the popular Nintendo Wii, as it requires the player to wear wristbands equipped with motion trackers. When they perform certain movements, sounds will be created.

These individual sounds will then be combined to form entire tracks; ideal for fans of hip-hop, house or trance genres. Another benefit associated with BeatMoovz is that the system can be used in conjunction with any Bluetooth application.

Electrifying a Typical Round of Poker

 Poker is a game which requires skill, experience, instinct and even a bit of luck. So, why not add a bit of electricity into the mix? Casingdom’s “Shock to the System” game looks promising for anyone who has been searching for a novelty gift item this Christmas. Through the use of wirelessly controlled wristbands, mild electric shocks are given to players depending upon whether or not they make any mistakes.

This type of wearable technology should certainly make waves during this holiday season and those who are interested can register to learn more.

Laser X

 Some of us have fond memories of playing Laser Tag when we were children. Unfortunately, the technology was rather limited at the time and these devices only worked within relatively close ranges. It seems as if the child in all of us will once again be thrown back into fun and exciting competitions. Developers within the United Kingdom have expanded upon this original concept through the introduction of what is being tentatively called “Laser X”. The concept behind the game is still the same but now, the range of the laser guns is said to be as high as 200 metres. No longer will we be limited to playing in the living room or the back garden.

The Mecca-Spider

 Adults and children alike have always enjoyed building their own toys from the ground up. Mecca-Spider certainly caters to this desire. As the name suggests, this toy is essentially a mobile spider constructed of plastic, metal and electronic circuits. It offers a water squirter that can be used to play an aquatic version of Russian roulette as well as legs which can negotiate challenging terrain. As Mecca-Spider is equipped with its own touchscreen, there is no need to download a separate smartphone application.

The Rocket Singing Machine 

Why not enjoy a bit of karaoke during the 2017 holiday season? The Rocket Singing Machine brings this pastime to an entirely new level. It is an all-in-one microphone that can directly access any music found within a mobile device, so users can now choose from a nearly limitless number of tracks. A built-in speaker and an echo effect are other options offered with The Rocket Singing Machine.

These toys are great ideas for children and adults alike. However, it is always a good idea to make a decision well in advance in order to beat the normal holiday rush!