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6 Best Video Games to Play with Your Kids

As a parent, it’s understandable to worry about your child’s love of video games. After all, plenty of experts will tell you that video games are bad for kids. And since Fortnite, the most recent gaming phenomenon to hit, has seemingly taken the world by storm, it’s no wonder parents are extra worried.

But it’s time to rest easy. There’s much more to the story about why kid’s love video games so much and even more research explaining why your kids should get into gaming.

In fact, studies show that many kids play video games because they need things like autonomy of choice, the feeling of having mastered something, and a sense of achievement.

That’s why we say parents should be taking part in their child’s efforts to grow themselves as individuals, using video games, and spend some quality with them time doing something they enjoy.

And to help you out, here’s a list of the best video games you can play with your kids.

1. Grow Home

If you want to start early, Grow Home is the perfect video game for little kids. You and your kiddo can work together to grow space plants. And if your little tike decides to play with the controller, don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.

Similar suggestions: Grow Up, A Boy and his Blob

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Long gone are the old days of 2D video games. That said, when you have a little kid that you want to introduce to video games, nothing beats a good old Mario game like Super Mario Odyssey. Not only can your small child enjoy you play as you run around and collect moons (ahh the simple joys of being a kid), when they’re ready, you can enable to assist mode and play together as they learn. You can even access the older Game Boy titles through gaming sites similar to Gamulator (gamulator.com/roms/game-boy), so you can share the games you played when you were a kid.

Similar suggestions: Yoshi’s Wooly World, Kirby’s Epic Yarn

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Racing games are fun for kids of all ages, especially when their parents join the fun. This colorful, exciting, and competitive game is easy enough for beginner gamers (we see you mom!) and fun because it’s multiplayer, meaning your kiddos can get the whole family involved.

Similar suggestions: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, OnRush

4. Minecraft

Okay, you might not want to play Minecraft with your child, but think of all the quality time you’ll spend with them as they make their own choices in creative mode and beat survival mode with your help.

If you want to get your mommy friends and their kids involved too, invest in Xbox headsets and set up virtual playdates. Just be careful, before you know it, the kids will know much more about Minecraft than you!

Similar suggestions: Mario Maker, Terraria, Roblox (for older kids)

5. Any Lego Game

Kids of all ages love Legos – movies, TV shows, toys, and video games. That’s why we suggest picking up any type of Lego game your kid loves (e.g., Ninjago, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel) and play using the co-op modes. And be prepared for some laughs, since many of the Lego games are as amusing as they are fun to play with your kids.

Similar suggestions: Ratchet and Clank, Super Mario 3D World


It can be tough to see eye-to-eye with your kids, especially as they get older. Adding to that, getting your tween/teen to actually want to spend time with you can be tough. Luckily, any good sports game, such as FIFA, is usually a good way to connect with your growing child, even if you do lose every time.

Similar suggestions: Madden, NBA 2K

And there you have it! Some of the best video games you can play with your children in an effort to foster their needs and clock some quality time with them.