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Britain’s online alcohol sales are the highest in Europe

British drinkers buy more alcohol online than anyone else in Europe, helped by the rise of supermarket home delivery and the emergence of Amazon as a retailer, a report reveals.

Analysis by Profitero, the ecommerce firm, and Nielsen market research found that 21 per cent of UK consumers had bought alcohol online.

Britons are the world’s third biggest online buyers of alcohol behind China (27 per cent) and Japan (22 per cent), followed by Germany and India. Across 60 countries surveyed, only 8 per cent of consumers bought alcohol online.

Keith Anderson, senior vice-president of global strategy at Profitero, said: “Many attributes of online shopping bode well for alcohol: convenience; ease of click-and-collect and home delivery models; price competition between retailers; and consumer access to an ‘endless aisle’ of products, particularly wine.

The report, How alcohol brands can tap the ecommerce opportunity, found that online sales were often propelled by the growth of smaller brands, such as craft beers. These often have a strong digital presence and offer a sense of uniqueness sought by younger drinkers and affluent consumers.

Danny Brager of Nielsen said: “The online alcohol consumer is in line with what we would have expected: younger, higher income, more urban.”