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Business is booming in Bristol, but are your IT services up to scratch?

It was recently announced that Bristol has secured the biggest venture capital investment so far this year, with a key focus of investment being around technology. The city is teeming with businesses big and small, so it is important that these businesses are investing in it support bristol services that will allow them to continue giving the best possible service, all while promoting growth.

With key business operations now taking place on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, having a healthy and accessible IT network is more important to small businesses and start-ups than ever before.

When employing an IT support company, you may want to consider opting for managed IT services. Not only will they take are of services from security to backups and data recovery, but you will also notice other benefits:

Predictable expenses

When employing an managed IT services provider, it is common to pay on a monthly basis. This can help you to keep track of all your IT service costs and will stop you from getting hit with a shock bill.

Ultimately, this allows you to plan and budget more efficiently, as you will know the exact amount that is being paid out on IT each month.

Cheaper and more effective IT support

Obtaining IT support from a managed service provider will usually work out to be significantly cheaper than employing an in-house IT team, even if that team is only small. This will also free up time of any senior employees who would have to manage an in-house team, therefore saving valuable resources.

Working with a managed IT services provider will also give you access to expertise that you may not usually have, unless you are offering a substantial salary. Having access to expert skills and knowledge can be vital for the growth of a business, making external IT companies the perfect partner for businesses looking to grow.

IT downtime can deliver a significant blow to the productivity levels within a business, regardless of the size but with an outsourced team of IT professionals continuously monitoring and maintaining your network your business is less likely to suffer downtime, meaning you and your team can continue to work efficiently as ever.

Up-to-date software

Most managed services providers will use the best technology on the market and keep your software up-to-date, meaning your team is always using the latest and best versions of software. Using helpful resources like https://www.mirantis.com/blog/container-orchestration/ can provide the technology needed to help with the running and deployment of the varying types of software required for a business.

A provider will also be able to talk to software and hardware providers directly to discuss what software or tech your business needs, they can then get the best deals and will be able to navigate technical discussions a lot easier.

Types of managed IT services

You may find that different providers will offer different services. Some will enable their clients to pick and choose the services that they need, while others will offer a series of set packages that will include selected services.

When choosing your IT services provider, it is a good idea to discuss the different options that they have available so that you know what you are getting with each company.

The services most commonly offered by managed service providers include:

  • Setting up your network for you and monitoring it.
  • Acting as an IT help desk for your staff.
  • Managing the infrastructure of your business’ cloud network.
  • Managing cybersecurity to protect your network from breaches.
  • Performing data backups.
  • Ensuring compliance with various regulations.
  • Unifying your business’ communication channels by merging them onto the same IP network.
  • Providing SaaS (software as a service) by enabling you to use, as needed, software applications that it owns and hosts.

If you are a business in need of managed IT services in Bristol, get in touch with Netitude. They can offer more guidance and are on hand to discuss the IT needs of your business.