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Do refurbished phones work?

Refurbished phones are a bit stigmatised. For some, the fall in prices means that the phone has a problem. It is possible that you have also seen phones presented as “pre-owned” or “refurbished”. You could even see an “Open box” phone. All these are interchangeable terms that describe the same thing.

All these conditions mean that a person has already purchased the phone and returned it to the manufacturer, the mobile service provider or the retailer. Most refurbished phones were not damaged even before they were “fixed.” The person might have decided that he did not want that. In other cases, the refurbished phone posed a hardware problem, such as a screen that came out or a cracked case. In this case, the phone was repaired and resold as a “refurbished” item. In some cases, refurbished phones are perfectly useable and a repair done by a mobile iphone repair service, as an example, to fix a broken screen is the only ‘refurbishment’ that has been done to the device.

But what does the manufacturer refurbished mean? The difference with the manufacturer’s refurbished phone is that the repairs necessary to restore them in perfect condition were made directly by the original manufacturer and not by an external provider. As you can imagine, this is usually the best but restored third-party phones are generally a good deal. Buy it carefully. When looking for an affordable phone, a refurbished one may not be your only option. Consider looking at providers like enTouch Wireless that have phones and service plans at affordable costs through government programs such as the Lifeline Program. If you fulfill eligibility requirements, you may be able to obtain a new phone as well as service plans at cheap costs. If this is not the case, then going for a refurbished phone after proper research can also help you save some money.

What to consider when buying refurbished phones

If you want to save money with the refurbished route, you must pay attention to some points. You want to investigate more than if you had bought a new device.

  • Look for a guarantee: if the reconditioned phone you want to buy does not have a problem, the smartphone manufacturer or retailer will give you some assurance for the purchase. If there is no guarantee, there is a greater chance that something is wrong with the box.
  • Try to buy one from the company that initially made the phone. Frequently, a phone manufacturer has perfectly compatible mobile phones. The original owner returned it for an unknown reason. Often they will try to resell them as refurbished phones on their official website. This is probably the easiest way to save money.
  • Always read the fine print. You should still buy it for a more significant purchase, but this is especially important if you buy a refurbished phone. A typical red flag is a phone that is marked “as is.” If you read these characters, you may not be able to return the phone or receive a refund if anything is not working.


So, should you consider buying a refurbished phone or new? The answer depends on what you think about using something that is not technically new. As you can see, there are a variety of ways to save money. You should investigate further to make sure you get a refurbished phone that meets your standards. However, it may be a small price to pay the money you will save in the long term.