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Five Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Online Marketing Strategy

Developing your marketing strategies can take a lot of time. It’s tempting to take a deep breath and relax as soon as your latest strategy has hit the web, but you can’t relax too much.s It’s important to use data to inform your marketing strategy.

Not only should you be keeping track of the data that’s related to your particular marketing strategy, so too should you be paying attention to general marketing data. That way, you can adjust your strategy depending on the latest trends and statistics.

Here are five statistics that just might make you rethink your marketing strategy.

Users Spend 90% of Their Time in Apps, Not Browsing the Internet

You probably spend a lot of time making sure your website is the best it can be. You probably spend just as much time making sure your mobile site runs well. You have enabled landing pages, you’ve got a blog, and all your social media is linked.

You might think not having an app isn’t a big deal. You would be wrong.

Users spend 90% of their time in apps-not browsing the web.

That means the average user only has a one in ten chance of visiting your site. If you have a mobile application, you can ensure they visit your content more frequently, and even more so, if you enable push notifications.

If you have been putting off creating a mobile app, now’s the time to get started.

Over 70% of People Search and Visit a Local Store

SEO is a big deal. It has been a big deal for a while, so you have probably already spent a lot of time incorporating keywords into your content and utilizing other SEO-friendly techniques, like backlinking.

But, have you thought carefully about local SEO?

If you have a physical location, you’re really missing out if you don’t use local SEO throughout your content. That’s because over 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store less than 5 miles away. In addition, 50% of mobile users who used local search visit a store within 24 hours, and nearly 1/3 of mobile searchers rely on location-based queries.

If you don’t have location-specific keywords in your content, include the cities and areas you serve, and you’ll see a huge uptick in business.

Consumers Who Purchase Products Through Email Spend 138% More

What is your purpose for having an email newsletter? Are you trying to attract new customers to your brand, or notifying readers of a new blog article?

If you sell products or services, your strategy could be all wrong. That’s because email newsletters are brilliant at getting existing customers to spend more. Email Marketing is the perfect way to target your customers directly whilst still providing a personal touch, so your customers feel valued and will keep coming back. For example, if you send an email pointing out all the offers you currently have and direct your customer straight to them, they are far more likely to find them and spend money with you than if you just left them alone to find your offers for themselves.

Consumers who purchased products through an email spend 138% more, on average, than people who don’t receive email offers. It’s proof that it’s well worth it to spend more time getting your existing customers to purchase your products or services that it is sourcing new customers.

60% of People Don’t Know What a Google Advert Looks Like

This statistic doesn’t have the wow-factor some of the other statistics on the list have. Why does it matter if 60% of people searching on Google don’t know what a Google advertisement looks like?

It means that people assume the ads are part of the organic search results. That increases their chances of clinking on the link, never being any wiser to the fact that that particular search result appeared at the top of the page because the company paid for that placement.

Google ads are well worth your time, as long as you follow these tips:

  • Choose the right keywords
  • Use extensions to get the most out of your ads
  • Maintain your website so your ads are placed favorably
  • Connect AdWords to your Google Analytics account so you can keep track of performance data

Only 56% of Facebook Ads Contain a CTA

If Facebook ads are more your style, it’s important to know that only 56% of ads on the platform contain a CTA. That provides you with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Include CTAs in your ads to encourage viewers to take action. They may just take action on your ad when they skipped over another one.

Data and statistics are a great way to make sure you get the most out of your marketing strategy. The statistics on this list will make sure you’re doing your online marketing right.