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Gadget fix

Three-wheeling thrills
Cycleboard e-scooter

This three-wheeled, folding electric scooter combines a 450-watt rear hub motor with a 250Wh battery for a range of up to 24km. The device, which is activated by a single kick, is operated by the rider leaning into corners and has a top speed of 32kph. It weighs almost 20kg so it’s not too portable when not in use, but it does come with an integrated lock and a USB slot for charging gadgets on the go.
From €1,184, cycleboard.com

Time for a makeover

JoyComplex Apple Watch cover
Sales of the Apple Watch have nearly doubled since last year, which means your chances of sticking out from the crowd have roughly halved over the same period. This 3D-printed cover, created by American designer Jeremy Burnich, transforms Jonathan Ive’s slick timepiece into a sci-fi steampunk statement. Made from copper, it’s designed to look like a steam-powered boiler is providing the watch with its electricity, rather than a boring lithium-ion battery. It’s available in polished or distressed surface finishes.
€113 (not including shipping), joycomplex.com

Dream machine

Autohome AirTop Mini roof tent
The 2017 Countryman is the biggest Mini yet but it’s still not ideal for overnight stays in the great outdoors. Step forward Autohome, which has created a pop-up, roofbox tent. The AirTop comes with a cotton-covered mattress and slots onto the Mini’s optional roof rails to provide a bed for two. To inflate it, users unfasten a pair of safety clasps at either end. Gas-pressured struts raise the fibreglass roof to reveal a tent. Users still have to climb the included aluminium ladder to get in at the end of a day’s adventuring.
€2,836, autohome-official.com

SpecNext is the latest crowd-funded attempt to reboot Sir Clive Sinclair’s epoch-defining ZX Spectrum. It runs every Spectrum game on upgraded hardware, including a 7MHz processor that’s twice as fast as the original, 512KB of RAM (expandable to 2.5MB) and HDMI video. Software can be added via an SD card or loaded by cassette. The original’s rubber keys have also been replaced by a sophisticated new keyboard. It’s compatible with joystick controllers and has optional wi-fi support.
€206, specnext.com

Coding in disguise

Ubtech Jimu Robot
Teach your children how to code with a dancing robot that makes learning fun. Jimu Robot has a range of animal-inspired robots that let kids build and program their own automatons. The Tankbot is the firm’s first robot that runs on tracks. An infrared sensor lets it follow commands, and users can customise their own movements or use pre-programmed actions on the accompanying iOS app. They can also share their designs with other Jimu users online.
€170, jimurobots.com

Volt from the past

Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker
California bike maker Vintage Electric teamed up with vintage Porsche specialist Emory Motorsports for this gorgeous-looking electric bike. Modelled on the classic Porsche 356 Speedster, the aluminium-framed Outlaw comes with a Carrera Silver paint finish, round headlights and an integrated rear brake light. The rear hub motor gets its power from a 700-watt battery that takes two hours to charge and provides a range of up to 56km. Top speed in standard mode is 32kph but it’s possible to crank up the power to hit 58kph in race mode. Just 50 Outlaws will be made.
From $7,000 (€6,370), vintageelectricbikes.com