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How to Get Filthy Rich Over the Internet

The internet is the place where one can comfortably fulfill even the wildest of get-rich-quick dreams. Indeed, many people have managed to strike gold online, climbing up career ladders that did not even exist just a decade or two ago. However, note that they have dug where nobody had before. These paragons of success in the digital age were not only hardworking and determined, they were game-changers. This is to say that their accomplishments did not really come out of the blue or overnight. The road is long and dotted with hurdles, so you have to do your best not to fall by the wayside.

Become a viral video star

YouTube is the birthplace of numerous viral phenomena. Take the example of Karmin, a pop duo that did the immensely popular cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”. After their video went viral, they signed a million dollar record deal with Epic Records label. The lead single from their debut album even went platinum and they are not the only independent musicians to hit big that way. In fact, other people, such as those behind “Charlie Bit My Figner” video, have earned good money by striking a chord with digital community. It also helps that once you become a partner with YouTube, you can generate revenue from ads that run along your clip.

Get into online retail business

Some aspiring entrepreneurs have taken advantage of other booming platforms out there. One of them is Sophia Amoruso, who had humble beginnings. She used to sell her vintage finds via eBay, butshe quickly attracted a solid fan base over time. This propelled her towards the new, solo business frontier. Namely, Sofia launched her own digital storefront called Nasty Gal, a business that is now worth millions of dollars. There are many retail opportunities out there, and no shortage of people who utilized and then outgrew renowned marketplaces. One of the things that empowered their efforts was a smart approach to mobile and social marketing.

Blog your way to richness

Blogging is still growing strong.In fact, it has evolved into a burgeoning business ecosystem. Once you foster strong following and drive internet traffic your way, the big companies take notice. It is not uncommon for popular bloggers, and not just fashion ones (RamitSethi, anyone?), to sell their websites for millions of dollars. Short of that, bloggers can rely on selling advertising space or affiliate marketing through programs in the league of Amazon Affiliates. Basically, you get accredited for the sale and receive a commission whenever visitors click on the link for products on your page.

Tap into financial markets

Nowadays, it is possible to access financial markets seamlessly, with a tap of the finger. Hence, we have witnessed the rise of stock market millionaires. From investing in global companies like Amazon (https://kryptoszene.de/aktien-kaufen/in-amazon-investieren/) to buying stocks and shares in other businesses, the world is your oyster when it comes to the internet, as these aren’t the only things you can do. For example, the foreign exchange (forex) market is a high-risk and high-reward area that attracts many aspiring traders who seek to buy and sell currencies.As a trader, you need brokers, who act as intermediaries who execute trades and earn commissions. The good news is that you should be able to find the right broker to conduct Forex trading in Australia, US, Europe, or anywhere else.The only problem is that you need a lump of money to get the ball rolling, which means the market favors those with deep pockets.

Do it the old school way

Cutting corners is not the most prudent approach to building wealth. Instead, how about the good old ways of becoming rich: crafting a killer product or service and selling it? Nowadays, the best strategy to make it happen is to harness the power of advanced analytics and consumer data. Identify the unattended need in the market, a specific problem that remains unsolved by others. This is a fool-proof method, regardless of what you offer. Others like Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat and the youngest billionaire in the world, have already been there and done that.

Who wants to be a billionaire?

Internet avenues are teeming with opportunities to rake in the money. Whether you want to monetize your talent, such as writing, or become a retailer, there are ways and tools to translate your grand vision into a reality. Opulent fortunes can be made in the digital dreamland, just be careful because you could burn your fingers just as easily. There are many other people looking to get on the gravy train and earn seven-figure salaries from the comfort of their home. So, do your homework, pull the weight, and who knows, you might just be on the next chapter of the thick book of online success stories.