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Shocking New Report Shows Rise in Online Casino UK Under-Age Gambling

The online casino UK market is one of the largest in the world when it comes to betting. With many of the best online games to be released at UK casinos first. As a result, many online casinos that started in the UK have now become worldwide brands. However, this is not to say it is a perfect market. Therefore, there is a need for regulators in the industry. These regulators are there to make sure that every online casino providing their service is following the rules. With the number of online casinos available to the UK on the rise, it is no easy job to keep everyone on the right tracks.

The job of regulating the online casino UK market falls to the Gambling Commission. It is their job to make the laws that the casinos must follow online. If an online casino is found to have broken the rule, it is also their role to enforce the rules. Many of the rules they implement are faced with backlash, however, the industry always finds a way to adjust. For those casinos that do not listen to the rules, there can be some severe repercussions. Therefore, breaking the rules can result in a fine from the Gambling Commission. With these fines commonly being into the millions. You can understand why following the rules is in the best interest of the casinos then use grandrush.com

Some of the latest rules that the Gambling Commission have made regards to advertising. In particular, the way casinos advertise and their appeal to children. This comes as reports show a rise in under-age gambling. Casinos like www.Casimboo.com have never had any fines, showing they do everything right when it comes to advertising. However, some other online casinos seem to still be failing this regulation. 

How Are Online Casino UK Websites Advertised?

How casinos have been advertised to online casino UK players over the years has drastically changed. As a result, when they were first introduced, you would see adverts for them in places like Local papers, TV adverts and Sports Events. However, the Gambling Commission saw the harm that these kinds of adverts were responsible for and decided to take action. Over the years they have been given more power by the government, resulting in them being able to create regulations as Law. This means any rules they put in place must be followed by any online casino UK website. 

With the development of technology, comes the development of potential advertising ventures. Everyone knows the boom in social media platforms over the years, but did you know many places advertise there too? These platforms are used by millions of users a day, meaning anyone advertising there is going to get a good amount of exposure. However, is this the right kind of exposure they are looking for? Reports show that now more than ever, younger people are gambling more often. This is despite multiple efforts from the Gambling Commission to cut the appeal to under-age and vulnerable players.

In recent years, they have written regulations saying that online casinos cannot use images or character to promote that may appeal to children. However, despite this change, the appeal has not fallen. With more under-age players using social media, as well as, casinos using them to advertise there has been a connection indicated. This all comes as the Gambling Commission has been slammed for not keeping up with the technology advances. 

The Rise in Under-Age Gambling

The new report has suggested that more children have placed a bet in the past week than smoked, taken drugs or drank alcohol. This has shocked experts and as a result, they have called for changes to be made. TV adverts and mobile phone apps have been blamed for the sharp increase in problem gamblers aged 11-16. The numbers of child problem gamblers have increased 4x in the past two years, resulting in more than 50,000. This report found that 70,000 youngsters were at risk, therefore, over 450,000 children bet regularly. Therefore, indicating that children place on average £16 per week on fruit machines, bingo, betting shops and online casino UK sites. All of which is illegal for anyone who is under the age of 18.

When this scandal was investigated, it was discovered that 9 in 10 pubs failed to prevent children from gambling on their premises. The Church of England branded the findings ‘deeply concerning’, and the country needs to take ‘dangers of gambling seriously’. The spokesperson of the church even went as far as to say that this is a ‘Generational Scandal’. Although a lot of work has been made over the years to limit exposure to children, it seems that somewhere the Commission is failing. With social media, TV ads and apps being to blame, it seems that many changes are going to be seen in these sectors. However, one more culprit has been brought to light.

What Else Can Attract Children?

It is not just the above sources that are a problem. Research has shown that children are constantly exposed to gambling in the form of ‘Loot Boxes’. These are bought for real money with the reward being a random chance. The gaming industry has come under fire for using this system heavily in games aimed at children. These loot boxes have been likened to poker machines that children are allowed to play on in their own home. As a result, experts believe almost a million young people are exposed to gambling through this system every year. With these kinds of figures, many authorities have called for action. 

Not only the Gambling Commission, but countless other charities are calling for changes in these systems. However, it will take more work then just they can offer. This will take work from parents, teachers, social workers, charities and game developers also. With such a big crowd to consider when thinking or changes, it can be difficult for the Gambling Commission. Although the report has some pretty damning findings it has started the needed discussion about the subject.