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Supply Chain Struggles – How PropTech Helps

Manufacturers occasionally struggled to keep up with product purchasing demands, but most of the delays that occur these days have to do with supply chain and logistics. On a grand scale, increased volume and economic factors at least partially related to the pandemic put considerable strain on the parcel delivery system. Managers of multi-unit apartment buildings and other rental properties need a way to compensate for systemic problems outside of their control.

Residents appreciate speed and efficiency most when it comes to package delivery services.

Property Technology Helps Manage Package Delivery Needs

Residents want speed, efficiency, and accuracy. If they cannot get it from long-range or local delivery services to the level that they expect, it helps to ease the last-yard logistics process in the building itself. PropTech like parcel  management software and internal parcel tracking software can handle higher volume while saving time. Each step in the parcel handling sequence gets much shorter and digitized, which reduces the risk of errors and delays. The days of simple spreadsheets or paper logbooks are long gone. Residents expect more, and you must deliver if you want to increase their satisfaction.

The Overwhelming Changes to Last-Mile Logistics

The combined effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing population density in cities, and soaring popularity of online shopping has led to a drastic upswing in package handling and delivery needs. Same or two-day delivery guarantees have increased approximately 17% and 36% in the past year (https://www.automotiveworld.com/articles/rethinking-last-mile-logistics-post-covid-19-facing-the-next-normal/). Even non-time-specific shipping has put considerable strain on last-mile logistics, and the trend is projected to continue through the next decade.

Although businesses and shoppers who live in single-family homes need the same type of services from their parcel delivery providers, multi-unit residential logistics includes another step: the mailroom. Every difficulty of individual delivery magnified for all people who live in one building. PropTech like mailroom management software helps overcome these challenges.