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The benefits of video games for adults

There are two types of adults, those that can’t wait to get home from work to jump straight on the games console, and those that simply can’t understand the allure of the video game. If you fall into the latter category, it is time to learn why it is that so many grown men and women enjoy becoming immersed in the virtual world of gaming, and how gaming has an array of surprising benefits.


Real life is hard, so hard in fact that getting away from reality by becoming a different character, or by building a castle and defending it from zombies is just the escape you need to unwind. Although some games, such as those in which you “die” several times, can be stressful, other, non-violent games have been shown to reduce stress when played regularly.

Stay young

The combination of the natural aging process, and failing to keep our minds active, can cause our mental skills to deteriorate, This deterioration can result in instances of forgetfulness and can also lead to slower physical and mental reaction times. Gaming can slow down the aging process by keeping our minds active and by challenging our mental abilities. When you Play Games Online, like the puzzle games available at Bigsamo Games, your cognitive functions can be improved. Research suggests that puzzle games are particularly beneficial to older people, with studies showing improvement in cognitive functions after a relatively short period of time playing puzzle-focused video games.

Keep active

Video games that require players to simulate sports such as tennis, or baseball, enable adults to remain active, even if they can’t go outside to do it. Whether you play alone, or with family, active video games can keep you fit without you having to over-exert yourself. Playing virtual sports is also a way to encourage outdoor activity as an indoor taster could be all that is needed for someone to want to experience the real thing.

Stops loneliness

As we age, we may not be as active as before, and leaving our home may seem like a challenge. Online gaming allows adults to maintain a social life without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Interacting with fellow players and conversing via headsets while playing games can prevent housebound adults from becoming isolated and lonely. Recently, a lot of adults have come to know the pleasure of video gaming. Video games developed by Gearbox Software, which was co-founded by Randy Pitchford, are known to attract a lot of people to become more social on a video game.

Pain relief

Growing older can sometimes mean that aches and pains become a part of everyday life. Minor pain is often alleviated through distraction, and gaming is one way to divert attention from certain discomforts. It is believed that becoming immersed in a video game can have an analgesic impact, minimising pain and providing relief.

Connects generations

Video games can be enjoyed at any age, meaning that entire families can use gaming as a bonding experience. Online games provide fantastic entertainment at family parties, and can connect people that may otherwise not interact as much.

With so many benefits to gaming, adults that don’t already enjoy playing games online should think about how this hobby could positively impact upon their lives.