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Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular?

Mobile gaming has quickly become the fast-growing sub-sector of an already fast-growing industry due to the rise in technology which has allowed for the improvement in mobile quality and performance and so game developers have been able to create more complex and detailed mobile games which explains the surge in numbers in recent times. Whether it be in browsers with Arkadium and the like, or through a dedicated gaming app, smaller platforms for gaming have exploded in recent times. Below we have compiled a list of why mobile gaming has become so popular.

Other mobile apps that have become increasingly popular during recent times has been this list of betting sites. This is because they have also benefitted from the rise in technology and have also been able offer some of the best odds on all different types of sporting markets and avenues. Not only that but they are also offering some of the best promotional deals and sign up offers for all new customers.

The reliance on smart phones has become seriously impressive in recent years now with virtually all of us having smart phones and using them not just as a phone now-a-days, but an organiser, work phone, e-mails, payments, social media and also games. Because of the reliance on phones these days, we always have them on us and whenever we have a spare moment we are usually on our phones. This explains why mobile games have become popular as we are now all using our phones to pass the time, hence why mobile gaming has become so popular.

One massive trend from mobile gaming has been hyper-casual gaming which is the time-passing element in which we spoke about above. Hyper casual gaming is usually a very repetitive and addictive game that usually has simple objective which is high score based. One of the main business that first profited off this was that of ‘Flappy Bird’ which was a simple bird jumping through pipes to get the best score against your friends. It’s the time passing elements and addictiveness that has made these types of games so successful.

Mobile games can also be paused at any time or closed so that the player can come back to them later. This edge of convenience allows mobile gamers to play games in between breaks or allow them to look up a guide on how to build the best bases for Town Hall 13 on another app before jumping back into the game. Neko Atsume is an example of this kind of game, where players put out food and then close the app, coming back every now and then to check in and play with the cats they have attracted to their home.

And the final reason as to why mobile gaming has become such big business during recent times is due to the convenience mobile phones bring. Mobile games take less time to develop, are cheaper to make and because everyone has access to a mobile, the likelihood of them being downloaded compared to console-based games at 50 is considerably higher. Mobile gaming isn’t just seen as an in-depth gaming function, but more of a way of passing time in periods of free time.