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Why Your Programmer Friend’s Online Betting Strategy Sucks

Since it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say, you can take this statement to be a truism. There’s no need for that pinch of salt which is always recommended when it comes to things like online betting and casino strategies… for the best online casino use zar promotional offers 

So the truth of the matter is that if you are trying to implement an online betting strategy which was developed by a friend of yours who happens to be a programmer, stop it right now! You’re leading yourself down a path which has no end in sight and you’ll only frustrate yourself and perhaps even start questioning the legitimacy of your friend as the programmer they claim to be, or indeed as the programmer they’re getting paid handsomely to be.

I mean one would think that being behind the scenes of industries such as those which develop and run online casino platforms as a programmer would mean that you have the kind of insider information which would give you an advantage, should you decide to cross the fence and use those platforms which you helped develop, but that’s not the case. I reckon it’s worth clearing up so that instead of associating this with the work of a bad programmer, you would rather correctly associate it with the work of a great one!

Depending on who you ask, the principles of programming encompass the need to handle variables in the real world so that the outcome of whatever is being computed is accurate but isn’t one which can necessarily be predicted, unless of course you are explicitly programming something that is meant to model and extrapolate data. That’s not the case with platforms such as online casinos – we’re not trying to model data. We’re trying to create a platform which provides the kind of randomness required to simulate something like a slots game which is perhaps being enjoyed by many online gamers simultaneously at times and one which perhaps also contributes to a progressive jackpot as required.

Trust a programmer to get a little technical about how the platform works – the inner workings of the tech which drives the platform’s operation, and not how the platform as enjoyed by the consumer can be “owned.”

It’s no secret that there are indeed some strategies in existence which can improve your chances of winning some money in an online slots you’re enjoying, but that’s exactly what it is – a strategy to improve your chances of winning and not one to guarantee any winnings. Since Mathematical Statistics often forms one of the modules which make up the academic course of a programmer, your programmer friend would give you a strategy they think would work best on platforms like https://www.novibet.co.uk/casino based purely on the numbers involved.

It takes more than that to amass winnings on the types of online casino games we play these days. These are meant to come with a little bit more of an element of fun to them and a winning strategy on these platforms consequently requires the entertainment of the fun aspect. A programmer will find ambiguity in “fun” because it cannot really be quantified.