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5 YouTube Channels Every Geek Should Subscribe To

Geek culture has been on the rise in recent years, with more people embracing their inner nerd than ever before. YouTube is one of the best platforms to explore geek culture and find content that appeals to your specific interests. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at five YouTube channels that every self-proclaimed geek should subscribe to for the latest and greatest content about all things geeky.

Needless to say, geeks have found their own little piece of heaven on YouTube, and thus, there are now hundreds of channels serving both short and long-form videos on virtually any topic you can think of. Whether you want to discover new things, learn more about the subjects you weren’t too enthusiastic about in school, excel in the Geek Personality Test or just sit back and enjoy some fun videos, YouTube has got you covered.

But where there is a wealth of content waiting at your fingertips, you may have difficulty deciding where to start. Here is our choice of five YouTube channels that cover a number of different geek-friendly topics that you should check out. New videos are posted regularly, so subscribe in order to stay up to date!


If you’re a computer enthusiast who wants to know everything there is about these little boxes that enrich our lives so much, the Computerphile is great for you. This is a place where university professors and experts talk about hardware, software, and various technical issues we are all too familiar with. They often cover internet-related topics, ranging from IP addresses to cookies. You may also get a nostalgic feeling listening to people talk about the first computer they owned.

The New Boston

You no longer have to take expensive courses that teach you how to code – you can learn all you need to know from the comfort of your home. The New Boston provides video courses in programming, web design and game development. This channel gives you an opportunity to learn anything: from Java to Python, from Android app development to working in Linux, from using Photoshop to securing your Wi-Fi connection. You can enjoy endless Java Tutorial(s), and other programming languages from the comfort of your homes. The video tutorials are divided into short lessons, so it really feels like you’re taking a course. Most importantly, it’s all free and waiting for you whenever you’re ready.


For several years now, Machinima has been the top place where gamers go to find out what’s new and upcoming in the gaming world. Here you will find the latest news and video game trailers, as well as expert commentary on popular consoles and recent announcements. This started as a comedy channel for gamers, so expect to be entertained by the funny and often topical mash-up videos. The authors often compile popular top 10 videos and select their favourite games of the year. If you want to become part of all the major conversations in the gaming community, Machinima is the place to be.

PBS Idea Channel

Every Wednesday for the past five years, Mike Rugnetta has posted videos tackling a number of subjects. These include science, popular culture, sociology, technology, music, and yes – video games. These short, neatly edited videos offer commentary on any topic that may be of interest to you. Viewers are encouraged to comment and post their responses to questions asked in weekly episodes. The top responses – as chosen by the author – are shown each week in a special series simply called “Comment Responses”. This channel is an offshoot of the US Public Broadcasting Service, a non-profit media corporation dedicated to providing high quality educational and documentary programming.


Vlogbrothers is one of several YouTube channels hosted by brothers Hank and John Green. They often underline their lack of format and like to say that their videos aren’t “about anything in particular”. And yet, they are exceptionally entertaining. They share their social commentary, talk about their pet peeves and whatever it is they are occupied with at the moment. John talks about watching Pokémon for the first time as an adult and why he chose not to vote in the US election. Hank will tell you about his travels, the movies he’s recently seen, and his favourite topic – comic books. In short, it’s just two geeky brothers sharing everything that’s on their mind.