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Best platforms for freelancers

The advent of the Internet and how easy it is to send money across the world has made freelancing to become a popular form of making money.

Introverts who want to work from home and those in countries with high unemployment rates can now search for jobs online, given that they have an exemplary resume highlighting their skills (which by the way can be designed and written with the help of professionals like the ones found at ARC Resumes) ready to hand. Once the resumes are ready, such individuals can try a number of online jobs, including freelancing. Remember those interested in this can get hold of projects through freelancing platforms. However, one should look for the best platforms that one can use for freelancing in order to earn generous amounts for each project. That said, here are some of the factors to look for in the best platforms for freelancers.

Ease of getting jobs
The reason why you are interested in the freelancer marketplace is that you are looking for a job. Thus, you would expect that it should be easy for you to get a job by using the platform. Generally, the platform should give you some free bids that you can utilize to get a job. Furthermore, it should be possible for you to get your first job within the first 3 days if you are consistent online and bid regularly for projects. When this is not the case, it might mean that is not the right freelancing platform for you and you should start to look for another.

Freelancer protection measures
The best platforms for freelancers should have enough measures to protect freelancers. Freelancers are more disadvantaged in most cases when it comes to seeking jobs online. They are hoping to work for someone in another country they have never seen before and would most likely never meet physically. Furthermore, they are expected to submit jobs first and the jobs approved before they can get paid. Fortunately, with necessary information about freelancers such as the number of projects given, how much spent and if payment is verified as well as milestone and escrow system, freelancers can be sure they would get paid. Thus, the right freelancing platforms should have these features to guide freelancers to know if they should accept a job from a freelancer or not.

Ease of withdrawing money from freelancing platforms
After working, the next thing you want to do is to withdraw your payments. It should be easy to withdraw money from freelancing platforms once you have paid. A lot of freelancing platforms have a minimum amount you must have in your account ranging from 30 dollars to as high as 100 dollars. Furthermore, the frequency of withdrawal is also important. The freelancing platform must allow you to be able to withdraw at least once a week every week. The number of times you can apply for withdrawal within a week and the days, the better.

Cost of services
The cost of services is also another factor to consider. Most freelancing platforms take a percentage of the amount you are earning as a freelancer. This could range from free to as high as 20 percent. You should be sure of what percentage of your earning the freelancing platform would claim. You should also look for other things that you need to buy moving forward including membership plans, writing exams and/or bids among others and how affordable they are.