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Cities with a Rich Tech History

Today, talent and low operating costs have exploded, with a whopping 8% of Amsterdam population working as developers, leading to the creation of many of India’s most successful technology companies. Although Jerusalem is not a holy city of a billion people, it has benefited enormously from Israel’s technological revolution, offering its start-ups a mix of history and modernity that is nowhere else to be found. Jerusalem has become a thriving hub for biofuels, cleantech, Internet and mobile startups, accelerators, investors and service providers. Inspiration came from nearby Tel Aviv – one of the world’s most important technology centres.

Asian cities are becoming more dynamic as the emerging new economy exerts considerable influence, going way beyond playing at the consumer end of technology such as the casino rewards many eager games seek to take advantage of. According to data from tech data provider Dealroom.co, analyzed by International Trade and Investment Promotion Agency and London Partners L & P, Bengaluru is India’s fastest growing and most mature technology ecosystem in 2016. The city has developed into one of the most advanced technology centres in the world.

Basic research and technological innovation capacity remain the most important elements in determining the position of a city or agglomeration in the global innovation network. More than half of the cities and agglomerations in the top 10 (San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, New York, Beijing and London) have a concentrated concentration of renowned universities and research institutions with a solid foundation for scientific research and a head start in innovation capacity but their position is a difficult challenge. Global Innovation Centres are defined as cities and metropolitan areas that lead the flow of global innovation elements, influence the efficiency of resource allocation and exploit their unique advantages in science, technology and innovation.

In addition to the seemingly boundless array of technology workers, the area is home to some of the world’s best tech universities, including Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Universities of California and San Francisco. When you include technology companies like aerospace, communications, and biotechnology, the list is almost endless. In our list of the best cities for tech jobs we take you on a quick tour around the globe and showcase the most obvious IT cities and rising stars.

San Francisco has a history of innovation and prosperity that continues to this day. New York City ranks second among the world’s best cities for IT jobs, according to most surveys, but many see it as the No. In 2019, New York overtook San Francisco in the Savill index, and KPMG’s annual Global Technology Industry Innovation Survey shows that it is likely to be the leading technology centre by 2023.

Silicon Valley offers plenty of opportunities for established and huge startups, making San Francisco one of the best cities for tech jobs. Portland is a regional technology centre with excellent job prospects and educational opportunities. Startups and technology workers are flocking to the region to create jobs and expand the local tech scene.

Raleigh is located in the research triangle of North Carolina and is consistently one of the leading US cities for startups. Considering low youth unemployment and a favourable cost of living it is no wonder that Raleigh has become one of the best cities for tech jobs.