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How to Decide on Which Country to Immigrate To

When immigrating to a new country, people often decide on which country to immigrate to based on how short the process will take or how easy the application will appear. However, these misconceptions often lead to you being scammed and making the process a lot more complicated. Eventually, it will require a longer duration and higher expenses than expected. Some will immigrate to countries, like the US because decades ago distant family members moved there themselves to make a new start in life. If this is the case then it may be a good idea to find out where they ended up by using online resources, which people can learn more about by going over to genealogybank.com for more information, so that they can gain a better understanding of why they immigrated and what that meant for the family.

There is a list of considerations when choosing a country to live in – an immigration lawyer is the best person to give you advice regarding this concern. This article shall serve as a guide to consider when choosing a country to immigrate to.

First, ask yourself.

Each immigrant has a unique story. You should individualize your immigration process to your story. Before making a list of each country’s pros and cons, think about your goals and why you want to migrate to a new country. Try answering these questions:

  • Why are you leaving?
  • Are you planning to work?
  • Are you planning to open a business?
  • Do you plan on continuing your education?
  • Are you planning to stay in a different country permanently?
  • Are you willing to adjust?

Each country is different – garnering its own set of regulations from the processing to different necessities in life. If you are eyeing employment-based immigration, know your strengths on what skills you are best in. If you are up for a student-based immigration process, find out which institutions fit your desired program. If you are a victim of persecution, identify which countries entertain the influx of refugees.

Application restrictions.

Each country has a different set of acceptable grounds in the field of immigration. Unfortunately, the choice of which country is not always subjective.

If you are a foreign citizen younger than 30 years old, you have an increased probability of working holiday visa opportunities. Countries that offer working holidays include Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, and more. This visa varies from country to country. Consult your immigration lawyer for more information about this.

For individuals older than 30 years old, you should not lose hope! There is still a list of possible routes on your immigration to certain countries, including:

  • Suppose you think you possess the skills for teaching English. In that case, some countries like Germany offer a high probability of sponsorship from employers for you to apply for a freelance visa to settle on having your own business and income.
  • If your focus is on employment, the best way to consider the most appropriate country to immigrate to is to identify which professions each country is currently in demand. For example, in the United States, brought upon by the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is currently an increased need for health care aides, physical therapists, and technology-related professions.


The crucial part in deciding which country to immigrate to is always how you start it, especially without the supervision of an immigration lawyer. Consult an immigration lawyer to help you prepare your processing and make your dream a reality.