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How to Upgrade Your PC for Gaming

With constant technological advances, it seems that there’s always something new and exciting in the world of PC gaming. From the basic gaming HDMI cables found at https://www.hdmi.org/resource/cables to the latest cooling system for your PC, one thing’s for sure. Whether you’re a gaming veteran or just a newbie, you’ll always want to bring your PC performance to perfection. However, if you’re limited by your tight budget, you should focus on several simpler upgrades that will optimize your gaming platform and enable you to explore the world of gaming without any hiccups. You can alternatively look into gaming televisions over here if you want another platform to play your games on if your PC is not working to its optimum level. There are a lot of ways games can be played nowadays, it is important to find the right setup that will work.

Graphics card

Graphics card is one of the most important elements that will provide you with a truly mesmerizing and authentic gaming experience. If you simply can’t get over 30FPS, you should consider upgrading your graphics card. A great way to upgrade your GPU is to replace your integrated card with a dedicated graphics card. Typically, manufacturers go with integrated cards to cut expenses and, although there have been great improvements, these cards still fall behind the dedicated graphic cards. A dedicated GPU will provide you with higher resolution, anti-aliasing, frame rates and other components necessary for a truly outstanding HD experience.

Motherboard and CPU

CPU and motherboard are two essential parts of your PC that play a vital role in optimizing your gaming experience and your general PC performance. When choosing a new motherboard, you need to make sure that it’s compatible with all the other parts, including the CPU which will work only with certain motherboards. To make sure that your CPU and motherboard are compatible, you should check the CPU socket of your current processor. You should pay special attention to the socket specifications because there’s a lot of difference between AM3 and AM3+ sockets, for example. Whether you need to replace both parts or just one of them, you need to pinpoint exactly what hinders you computer’s performance and then move on to choosing new parts.

RAM upgrade

Upgrading your PC memory is one of the easiest upgrades that can improve your gaming experience significantly. A new and improved RAM will boost the performance of your PC and any parts running slowly. However, before choosing a RAM upgrade, check your current RAM size to see what kind of upgrade you might need. While a 4-GB is the standard size, an upgrade up to 8 GB makes for quite an improvement and 16-GB-large upgrade will provide you with the best results. The more RAM you have, the better the performance of your computer will be, especially if you have a habit of multitasking. Speed is another aspect you should consider when upgrading your RAM – the higher the MHZ ratings are, the faster your computer will be. However, make sure to check what speed your motherboard supports. Speed ratings that are too high for your motherboard can lead to instability.

Data drive

Updating your hard drive will provide you with better and faster performance, as well as more space. However, before buying a new drive, you should do all the necessary steps to free up your hard disk storage. If nothing works, you can start thinking about upgrades and purchases. Apart from needing at least 10 GB of free storage for the functioning of your operating system, you need more space for your gaming needs and storing new data.
Another great way to boost your hard disk is to upgrade its speed. Switching from a 5400 RPM to a 7200 RPM model is a great improvement that will speed up your computer significantly. However, the most effective upgrade is switching to a solid state drive (SSD). SSD is really efficient, so it will make your PC more reliable and your games will load faster.

Cooling system

After introducing new components and making your computer more powerful, your PC will run smoothly, but it will also heat up more easily. It’s essential that you keep your computer cool to avoid overheating. In addition, you will also eliminate noise and enhance your overall gaming experience. You should go with a high-quality PC Case Gear with an air or liquid cooling system. However, water-coolers are typically better for overclocking and faster in bringing CPU temperature down.

With these essential upgrades, your computer will get an instant performance boost that will significantly improve your general gaming experience.