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The Health Effects of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is an addiction that can cause serious issues to the well-being and state of mind of players. Due to most people having internet access on their PC’s and laptops, developing an addiction to gambling is more common than one can imagine.

The health of gamblers can be affected negatively as the loss of money may impact the mental health as well the physical health of addictive players. The side effects can include depression, anxiety, paranoia and even suicidal tendencies if not treated properly.

Gambling is a massive part of the online world and as a result for every person with a gambling problem, 5 to 10 players are affected negatively. Although players may experience one of the following drawbacks from gambling, it is also very likely they may experience more than one side effect. Here are some of the issues at hand.


One of the symptoms players may feel with an addiction is depression. If you notice an increase in irritability and frustration, loss of appetite, feeling lethargic and tired, hopeless, and if you negative thoughts finding it harder to keep smiling, you may be experiencing depression and should seek immediate help. While many people have their own methods when it comes with dealing with depression, such as exercising or perhaps enjoying a cannabis product similar to this gas mask strain, a professional should be able to help you overcome most of these negative feelings, helping you to feel more positive.


Anxiety is another ailment one may experience when noticing signs of addiction. Anxiety is a serious problem and if you suspect you are in this boat, you may be feeling the following symptoms; irritability, clammy hands and a fluttering heartbeat, a sense of loss, fear and unwanted thoughts. Finding an anxiety therapist in New York City or a similar, more local option to talk to can help control these unwanted feelings, which is why professional assistance is advised for those who think they can self-medicate or treat the problem themselves.


Alcohol abuse goes hand in hand with a gambling addiction. In fact, many alcoholics turn to gambling when they are drunk and vice versa. Alcoholics may experience depression and anxiety as well as find themselves in a state of forgetfulness when they sober up.

Online casinos such as https://casino.netbet.co.uk/slots offer players an opportunity to play legitimate casino games in a safe environment and even offer counselling assistance through their website with renowned brands such as GamStop, Gamble Aware and 18 Responsible Gaming.

These ventures help gamblers find inner peace to overcome their addiction. Enjoy responsible gaming by setting boundaries such as banking limits and limit your time spent at both online and land-based casinos to enjoy all the benefits gambling has to offer.