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Vue Smart Glasses

Have you ever wondered what a smart glass is? It is not actually a glass that has a graduate degree. It simply is a piece of tech wear with new definitive perspective. Imagine a glass that is made with the concept of an Android smartphone. Sounds crazy? a Well, we can say that it is no longer a distant future.

The Vue smart glass has changed the definition of your usual glasses and has given it a new concept. With calls, texts and multimedia support embedded in a glass wear, this is the last thing that can be kept out of the list of innovation.

The style statement glasses

You must be wondering what kind of glasses with a microchip suits you the best. Well, that doesn’t really matter. A wayfarer, an aviator or simply a reading glass, you name it, you will have it. And to make it better, you will have the best microchips embedded in it.

The stylish look of any glass that suits you with the powerful technology of the 21st century is perhaps the best thing that you can come across ever.

Loads of features, packed in one:

Enough bragging, now for some real information. So, what exactly this glasses will have as their key features?

Excluding the endless possibilities, the best key features of this glass pairs are mentioned below:

  1. Latest music innovation: Smartphones play music, pads play music and even a guy on the street can play music. But what’s so special about this one? To start with, the music that it plays is not via your ears but via bone conduction. Meaning, you can have them a place on your eyes like a regular glass and listen to music. But that doesn’t mean that your surrounding sound experience will be hampered.
  2. The fitness partner: Are you a fitness freak who needs to move every once in a while? If yes, then you have the perfect gear to go with you. This will track your calories, distance, steps and will also remind you to move when you need to. How cool is that?
  3. The ultimate communicator: Like your smartphone, this will also make your calling experience a great one. The only difference between your phone and the glasses are the hand’s free feature. It will also notify you regarding the incoming texts and emails so you never miss an update.
  4. Don’t ever lose it: Have a trouble finding things? If the answer is yes, then this is the perfect thing for you. If you ever lose your glasses, your phone will help you find it. No more thinking about where have you put it. It will now be with you every single day without the worry of losing it.
  5. Change the way you want: Don’t want sunglasses? Don’t need to. With a wide variety of glasses, you can choose anything and everything there is. Just make sure you don’t compromise with the look.

With those glasses being in existence, it is only a matter of time before the new age of technology becomes available to everyone.  And it does happen; make sure you don’t stand out of the crowd.

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