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When a computer isn’t enough, here’s how to keep busy

We all do it. Staring off into space during downtime at work. Sitting at your computer, you’ve exhausted all of the website options including every single online game in existence.

You could always turn to a new kind of time killer, and there are hundreds of cool ideas for so-called ‘desktop hobbies’, with or without a computer. Here a few hints and tips for what to get up to when there’s nothing to get up to!

Smokers: Assemble!

There has been a revival of the smoker of late, with the tobacco industry enjoying an upturn in fortunes over the past three years. Estimates of market size are said to be around $770billion, with $700billion of that spent on cigarettes.

The advent of the e-cigarette has been a phenomenon in itself and expected to reach $500billion in sales by 2025, in no small part thanks to scientists saying that it is far less harmful than tobacco products. Surrounding yourself with smoke or vape rings could provide hours of entertainment, or just a way of filling a few opportune minutes at work.

Furthermore, many find that smoking helps them cope with their lives better. In addition to the bonding with other smokers and the sense of ritual that accompanies smoking, there are many more reasons why people enjoy this practice. Also, there seems to be a sense of comfort experienced by smokers after they smoke through a mermaid smoking pipe or one of their other favorite pipes. Does any of you feel so?


Your hobbies don’t have to be away from the computer – why not teach yourself to be a programmer? You can design websites, perhaps for business purposes to bring in a second income, or just for yourself.

You could also design yourself a game, so that you can hide your web history from your boss. It doesn’t cost much to get started, and with the sheer volume of info available to you it’s not hard to find what you need in a matter of minutes.

Cup o’ Joe

For some, it’s a necessity. For others, it’s a simple pleasure to pass the time. The convenient coffee pump or French press could turn you into a tasting expert of coffees from Colombia to Kenya.

We have wine experts, whiskey taster and all round foodies – so why not become a coffee connoisseur? Start collating your own notes, or even start a vlog. Just make sure the boss isn’t watching when you do that.

Massage Magic

Indulging in a tranquil escape at a massage clinic discovered by looking for “Massage Therapist Near Me” can be a sublime way to unwind and rejuvenate. As you step into the serene ambiance, the gentle hum of soothing music and the subtle fragrance of essential oils can create an oasis of relaxation.

The skilled therapists, trained in the art of deep tissue massage, can knead away tension and knots, providing a therapeutic release for tired muscles. The addition of hot stone massage can further introduce a blissful warmth, melting away stress and promoting a profound sense of tranquility.

Beyond merely keeping you occupied, this therapeutic experience can focus on holistic well-being, offering not just physical relief but also a mental and emotional reprieve from the demands of daily life.


Ever felt like everything is getting on top? Of course you have. We all have. So why not give meditation a go? It doesn’t have to be locked in a dark room with incense burners, it could just be a simple and fuss-free breathing exercise to ‘realign your chakras’.

Around 8% of people in the US regularly practice meditation, so if it works for them then it could well work for you. It is as noise and movement-free as you want it to be, and help alleviate stress.

A Plain Old Book

A much forgotten pastime is the trusty paperback book. Self-help, fiction novel, autobiography – all terms which we are becoming less and less familiar with. However, books are becoming popular once again.

A good way of spending a couple of dollars and a couple of hours a day is to read, with a refreshing change to staring at a screen of digital device. A perfect getaway from the monotony of the working day.